The name says it all, yogurt about adding some dark chocolate too..I definitely say yah 😉 that’s the ingredient one can’t say no too..


Fresh Cherries all over


Have been experimenting a lot with different ingredients in my happy rectangular formed area in the house which is known as my kitchen. This time I wanted to give it a go with yogurt. Intension was to make it, use it as dessert.

Practical part :-

If we see the practical part of yogurt ice-cream/bites, it couldn’t be kept in the hot atmosphere. It is meant to be eaten when it is out of the freezer. One can use different type of moulds, smaller is better as it would only create a bite size. I had decided to make it as a spread ,slice it later and eat as an alternative of regular ice cream.


fresh cherries of the season 2016

It’s pretty interesting to share this episode with you all. I had a normal working day and the evening spent with the normal daily routine.


spread of ice-cream

Husband proposed an idea that he would like to bring some cake to his office, there comes my inner baking chef voice and pitched in. I have to admit that It was a beautiful feeling to bake for him though, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening spent dedicated to baking & him 😉


yogurt ice-cream

After putting the cake in the oven, there comes another voice which screams inside ,how about making something new for splashofflavours?? I was like yah..why not.. 😉 There I decided to make Yogurt ice-cream and made it ready for another day.

Outcome of the recipe, kids loved it, a healthy snack on yogurt on a very hot day in Copenhagen(30 degrees) which is not very usual.


cherries and chocolate

It’s fairly simple to make and could have many variations. The freezing time could be overnight if not in hurry otherwise 4 hrs is workable. Luckily had done the grocery shopping the same evening so I had all the ingredients available in the refrigerator and chocolate is something I like to keep it handy.


dark chocolate addiction with cherries

There is something with the baking with my son, skylander boy. He impresses me all the time that how passionate and what a good food critique he is. The melted chocolate kept his eyes open and didn’t want to leave the kitchen until he could get a spoon of the chocolate.


Shave of dark chocolate

There comes a flow of questions, mom how do you make all such good yummy food and this cake and now with this yogurt thing.How do you do that..


Healthy treat for the kids to survive on a hot day 🙂

His inquisitiveness opens a door of lot of good thoughts ,there he wants to pitch in with the ideas, mom may be you could also use this or that as an ingredient. Would you believe that he pulled a chair in the kitchen and stood next to me to watch the baking session and the prep part of the cake. Later a spoon of melted chocolate made him so happy.

Sometimes in life small things matter like a spoon of melted chocolate could give happiness to a 7 year old boy 😉 Spread happiness and give happiness to your loved ones..breaking a heart is easier but to mend that could take ages or never..

Here is the recipe :-

Yummy Cherry Yogurt Ice-cream
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
4 hrs
Total Time
4 hrs 5 mins
If enjoy eating yogurt, this alternative could be a worth trying
Course: Dessert
Servings: 3 -4
Author: Monika! Splashofflavours
  • 250 Ml - greek yogurt
  • 5 tablespoons - honey
  • 1 Tablespoon - vanilla essence
  • 1 cup - chopped fresh cherries not that small
  • 50 gm - dark chocolate chunks break the chocolate in small chunks - Optional( if not want to include for kids)
  • some chocolate shave for the topping after the freezing part
  • Drizzle of honey
  1. Start with mixing all the ingredients in greek yogurt
  2. Spread it on the baking sheet and tray
  3. Freeze it for 4 hrs or better overnight
  4. Next day serve it with some shaved chocolate and drizzle of some honey( few drops )
Recipe Notes

Overnight is the cooking time recommended otherwise 4 hrs. in hurry is workable