Lassi is a yogurt based traditional drink which is highly popular in India. During summer time people like to drink this with their lunch, it’s one of the way to beat the scorching heat and yogurt is good for the skin as well. Lassi is easily available anywhere on the streets of India. That’s the best part of India, food is effortlessly available anywhere and has a huge variety of amazing food and drinks. People have their own ways of making lassi and this recipe is a memory of my childhood and ended up making Cherry Sweet Yogurt Lassi as a new recipe.


Cherry Sweet Yogurt Lassi

Childhood memories

I grew up drinking lassi almost every day, still have those beautiful childhood memories. During my school days, mom used to keep the lassi ready in the afternoon so that we could drink after coming back from the school. I also remember helping mom in mixing the ingredients for 2 types of lassi, sometimes it used to be sweet, sometimes it used to be salty. While making this new recipe of Cherry lassi, I had flash back of my childhood memories. Inspiration for this new recipe is my mom and her lassi. Isn’t amazing, food can take you back to any of your glorious memories?


Cherry Lassi

Cherries are in season yeah!

Here in Copenhagen, supermarkets are flooded with fresh cherries and it is an irresistible fruit for me. My recipes are very spontaneous and love to use fresh ingredients and especially seasonal fruits and vegetables. Made Yummy Cherry Yogurt Ice-cream last year.


Cherry Sweet Lassi Yogurt Based

Cherries adds health benefits too which are listed below –

Health benefits of cherry

  1. It has Vitamin C , fiber
  2. Regulate blood pressure
  3. Helps with Muscle pain
  4. Slow down the aging process due to it is packed with antioxidant
  5. Helps with Jet lack & also taste very delicious

Surprise your guests and family members with this cherry lassi and let them keep guessing the ingredients 😉

Cherry Sweet Yogurt Lassi
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
5 mins
Total Time
10 mins
Author: splashofflavours
  • 1 Cup fresh pitted cherry
  • 2 Tablespoons honey
  • 2 Cups yogurt
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 2 Tablespoons rose water
  • Ice cubes optional
  1. Add pitted cherry in a blender with honey and rose water, blitz it until it becomes puree.

    Add yogurt + milk to the puree and blitz again. Increase the quantity of honey if you like more sweeter taste than mentioned above. Serve immediately.

Recipe Notes
  1. Haven't added ice cubes as all my ingredients were used straight from my refrigerator. If you want to add ice cubes, don't add so much as it will reduce the consistency of the lassi. Balance it accordingly .
  2. The outer layer of cherry leaves some texture and some red hue to the lassi so haven't bothered to peal it or sieve it. 
  3. It can be kept in the refrigerator for 1 day, however it changes the colour, gets little darker because of the fresh fruit used. Taste remain the same. Prefer drinking it on the same day. 


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