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Broccoli and Corn Patties with White Sauce

My blog has completed 2 years and it’s makes me excited to think about the tremendous journey of hard work my blog has gone through. I have constantly been learning about so many practicalities. Hence this is super exciting moment for me to update my own recipe which was posted in 2015 as it was one of the first recipe on my blog/website namely as Broccoli and Corn Patties with White Sauce and this is a moment for me to celebrate 🙂

It is a super healthy, kid’s friendly recipe, packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, fibre, protein and carbohydrates. This can be eatable as a family meal or patties could be given in kid’s lunch box. It is a super duper hit recipe in my house, my kids love it.


Broccoli and Corn Patties are served – 2017 picture

Story behind this recipe:

Broccoli has always been an exciting ingredient for me to cook and I have been making this recipe for many years. When I started my blog, this was the first recipe I could think of sharing because it’s very close to my heart, have been making this for many years now. My kids love these patties, we always enjoy this as a family meal and it taste so good with white sauce. Being as a mother, it’s a huge responsibility to bring good healthy food on the table. As you already know me, I love to experiment, love to create new recipes and this was the perfect opportunity for me to be creative. It’s a very simple recipe, however has a little technique due to broccoli being so high in water.

Initially when I had posted this recipe in 2015, I had baked the patties. This time I had cooked them on a pan, kind of shallow fry. This recipe gives an option for both ways of cooking it for example bake it in the oven or cook it on the stove, in a pan with less amount of oil.


Initial picture posted in 2015 , baked patties with white sauce


Basically make the patties in a desired shape, I prefer round shape, easy to handle, also looks pretty and bake them for 20 – 25 minutes on 225 degrees in the oven until it becomes golden brown.

On the stove:

Form the patties in desired shape and cook the patties in a pan with less amount of oil on medium high stove, just be careful not to flip them quickly, as it can spoil the shape of the patties, and also it may stay as uncooked. Don’t cook them on high heat , it may turn brown quickly and will not not cook through. If you spoil the shape, press gently with your cooking spatula on the sides, it will be intact again and cook it with love.


Picture from my old post, 2015, right before baking -preparation

Usually when you make patties, you don’t want the batter to be runny, soggy or waterlogged. I have used the cooking process called as blanching. Be careful not to overcook the broccoli. After washing the broccoli florets, put the broccoli in boiled water only for 1 minute and wash it immediately under cold water. Let the water drain and spread the broccoli florets on a kitchen towel to be safe so that it can dry the broccoli, it takes few minutes in this process and meanwhile you could prepare other ingredients.


Broccoli and corn patties getting cooked in a pan, on a stove – 2017 picture

I have done the same for the frozen corn, defrosted and let it dry for few minutes on a double layered kitchen paper towel. If these two steps are taken care of, these broccoli and corn patties will be a hit in your household.

White sauce is not at all daunting, it just needs a bit of practise. I love white sauce which I make quite often in the house and will share the method below in the recipe. Do give it try. It’s an amazing combination and always serve hot.


Broccoli and Corn Patties with White Sauce

  1. Make it a night before for the party and put it in the oven to reheat (irrespective of oven baked or cooked on a pan)
  2. Kids lunch boxes
  3. Summer parties
  4. Pot luck
  5. Picnic

Options are many, these patties can be made for any occasion or get together since it tastes so good and a very simple recipe to follow. If looking for kidney beans kind of patties – recipe here Red Kidney Beans Wheels

Broccoli And Corn Patties with White Sauce
Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
25 mins
Total Time
40 mins

IF Patties in the Oven :-225 degrees Celsius for 20- 25 minutes

Servings: 4 -5 (12 big pieces)
Author: Splashofflavours
For :- Broccoli And Corn Patties
  • 1 Big fresh broccoli – 2 cups
  • 2 Medium sized red onions
  • 1 Large egg - optional
  • 1 Cup cheddar cheese
  • ½ Cup frozen corn kernels – defrosted & dried
  • 2 Cups breadcrumbs
  • Salt and Pepper as per the taste
  • Fresh Coriander Cilantro – Handful - if don’t like Coriander then its optional
  • Fresh Parsley Handful
For White Sauce :
  • 30 Gm butter
  • 30 Gm of plain flour
  • 3 Cups of milk
  • ½ Cup cheddar cheese - optional
  • Salt and Pepper for seasoning as per taste
  1. Defrost the corn kernels and dry them on the kitchen paper towel.
  2. Blanch the broccoli florets for 1 minute and wash it with cold water and drain the water ( read above in the story, more explanation). Blitz the broccoli in the food processor or the hand mixer and keep it aside.

  3. Chop the onions, corn kernels, coriander and parsley in the food processor.
  4. Now mix all the above ingredients - Broccoli, onions, corn, coriander-parsley ,egg, cheddar cheese + breadcrumbs, ,salt ,pepper, check the seasoning. Use the fork and mix all the ingredients.

  5. With the help of a spoon, put some mixture in the middle of the palms and start rolling it. Press it gently to make it flat but still remains in a round shape.

  6. For Oven -Put it on the baking sheet Bake them for 20- 25 minutes until it becomes golden brown. Keep checking after 20 minutes. Sometimes Oven settings are different. 


    To cook in a pan - Pour some oil in a pan, cook it on low medium heat, flip it when the other side cook ,let it cook through and remove it from the pan. Repeat this rolling step to finish it.

For White Sauce :-
  1. Put the butter in a thick bottom pan.
  2. When the butter starts melting, add flour and whisk vigorously. I like to use whisk instead of the spatula. It helps in making the sauce lump free.
  3. After couple of seconds, when the flour starts cooking, changes the color into light creamy color, it would look like a sticky batter. Start adding one third of the milk gradually and whisk vigorously to avoid the lumps. White sauce is all about whisking & whisking.
  4. I also like to take the pan off the stove in the middle of the process just to whisk it and put it back again after couple of minutes. It helps in whisking and does not burn.
  5. Whisk again vigorously and when the sauce starts turning thick & creamy in texture.
  6. Add the salt and pepper, cheddar cheese – Optional.
  7. Whisk it and serve it with the hot Broccoli Patties.
Recipe Notes

- Incase if there are any leftover patties , you could put them in the freezer in a zip-lock bag and use them for the burgers for the next time.
- Breadcrumbs – Incase if you don’t have breadcrumbs available in the house. You could make fresh breadcrumbs at home by grinding the brown bread/white bread in the food processor. I have used basic brown bread.
- If don't eat egg - egg could be optional

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