There is a very famous saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away..Let’s follow that here and use it in the recipe..


Apple crumble

We have an apple tree in our garden, few weeks ago there were so many beautiful flowers on it and now there are tiny cute looking apples growing on it. Soon the time will arrive when we will be picking the apples and using it in the recipes. My skylander boy loves to pick apples for me and the tree is actually not that huge. It’s amazing to see that it’s a small tree and could grow so many delicious green apples each year.


Apple Truffle

My Apple truffle recipe is made out of market bought organic apples. I tend to buy organic food where I could. This afternoon saw organic watermelons in the supermarket for the 1st time and I bought that as well.


3 gorgeous jars of Apple Truffle

Anyways coming back to yummy Apple Truffle recipe. Apple is healthy and a gorgeous ingredient to develop recipes with it. My recipe has 4 layers of delicious below ingredients –

  1. Apple Sauce
  2. Vanilla infused Apples
  3. Secret ingredient custard
  4. Roasted museli ( with muesli have another popular recipe to give a try Strawberry Bircher Muesli )

Truffle made of organic apples

This post is extra special as am celebrating 225 + followers on Facebook and it means a lot as my blog has gone through a tremendous journey of hard work in the last 10 months and have been able to convince my followers that splashofflavours is worth following 🙂 Thank you very much my Dear 227 followers 🙂 Splashofflavours is nothing without your support and love…and promise there will always be exciting recipes on continues the apple truffle saga….


Celebrating 225 plus followers on Facebook

Custard is something that I grew up eating and have always been fond of it.

Delhi summer are very hot and dry. Custard was one of the favourite dessert that I had never said NO to in my school days. Recalling the school days – coming back from the school and mom would pull out the chilled bowl of custard with fruits. What a great way it had been to beat the summer heat of India 😉


Organic Apple

Well well well..Not going that far, my son skylander boy loves to eat custard as well and that literally reminds me of my childhood craziness for the custard 😉 This is the 1st time my muffin and cupcake has tasted custard, they have just turned 2 years. Custard was served to them in a traditional way with only fruits, nothing else.

celebrating the 227 followers on Facebook

celebration time

Life is more fun when finding the same ingredient of the same brand in another country. I had used the custard powder to prepare the custard and it was the same brand which my mom used to use back home. When I found the same brand on the shelf at the special market to buy Indian spices , I was like oh my in heaven..I had to buy this custard powder. Many people in India use this powder to make custard and its fairly easy to make custard out of the readymade powder.

The outcome of my own recipe was out of this world..oh man it’s was darn good. This recipe is worth trying and one could easily convince your guest as this was the best dessert they ever had 😉 don’t believe me..try it and let me know 🙂


Here follows the recipe

Apple Truffle
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
50 mins
Total Time
1 hr 10 mins
Overnight cooling time for custard
Course: Dessert
Servings: 4 -5
Author: Monika Sharma ! Splashofflavours
  • For Custard -
  • 1 liter - full fat milk
  • 1/2 cup - sugar
  • 1/2 cup - custard powder
  • For Apple sauce -
  • 3 Apples - peeled and chopped
  • 250 ml - water
  • For Muesli -
  • Any mix muesli with nuts
  • 1/2 cup - Demerara Sugar divide 1/2 cup into 1/2 again, to use remaining half in infused apples below
  • Oven on 180 degrees
  • Vanilla Infused Apples
  • 4 medium sized apples - peeled and chopped
  • 2 tablespoon - vanilla essence
  • Remaining Demerara Sugar - brown sugar will also do if Demerara Sugar is not available
  1. Put the oven on 180 degrees
  2. Start with making custard - Boil the milk ( leave some cold milk in a bowl to mix custard powder), add sugar, now add 1/2 cup custard powder in cold milk, mix it well and add in the boiled milk, stir it for 2 minutes, close the stove and keep it aside. When the milk is cold enough, place it in the refrigerator overnight. Take it out next day when adding the 3rd layer per below steps.
  3. Next day- apple sauce -pour water in a pan,add apples when the water is boiled, cover it for 15-20 minutes until the apples becomes soft and mushy. Blend it and turn it into a apple sauce ( no sugar required)
  4. To prepare vanilla infused apples -
  5. Take a big piece of foil, put chopped apples on it, add vanilla essence and now add Demerara Sugar, mx it well, cover the foil, make 1-2 holes in the foil and put it in the oven for 35 minutes. Take it out of the oven when it is soft.
  6. On the other side, put muesli on a baking sheet, add remaining Demerara Sugar, mix it and put it for toasting in the oven for 10- 15 minutes , check after 10 minutes, muesli can get burnt very quickly.
  7. Now when all the 4 ingredients are ready for layering -
  8. Take your favourite bowl, fill it with 1st layer of apple sauce, add another layer of infused vanilla flavoured apples , 3rd layer of thick custard, 4th layer of crunchy muesli. Serve and enjoy 🙂
Recipe Notes

I haven't added the cooling and setting time in the recipe as the custard is prepared a night before & kept in the refrigerator for overnight. If you have a party in the evening then it could be kept in the refrigerator the whole day and serve it chilled in the evening.
Any delicious apple would do the justice to the recipe.
Muesli in the oven, keep an eye, can burn easily.
Personal note to save time, I had prepared the muesli (10-15 minutes)and vanilla infused apples ( 35 minutes) on the same baking tray and saved the time, instead of waiting for 1 step to finish.