Monika Sharma

Hello there,

Everyone loves food so do I !! Welcome to my creative world of food.

One part of the house has so much to offer in terms of creativity, taste, colors, texture, freshness, splash of flavours and so more. This part of the house is known as “Kitchen”. It’s simply amazing one can make so delicious food with so much of creativity involved. This is my favorite part of the house. I enjoy the time spent in the kitchen and that turns out as delicious food. It’s simply amazing to see that nutritious  food can actually make kids so happy. It inspires me to introduce new flavors and taste to their food palette.

It’s all about food- Think – Food is one essential part of our lives. We need food to survive, get together, to engage good conversations over the dining table , any party is incomplete without good delicious food and more. It is a great opportunity to be creative and make good delicious food.

This is Monika who lives in a beautiful city of fairytales called Copenhagen, Denmark. I was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. I love to cook, bake, create new recipes and be creative.Organizing the house and the life is my second love. Photography is another hobby that I have lately developed and loving my NIKON DSLR camera ( I used to click pictures via my DSLR before but now I can see the passion is growing for food photography). Besides this on a personal note; I am a mother of 3 gorgeous boys, twins at the age of 15 months old ( my cupcake and muffin) and a 6 year old boy ( skylander boy). It is truly a blessing!!

I am a vegetarian and also consume eggs. This website is all about vegetarian recipes, baking , some recipes with eggs and some kid’s friendly recipes. I would say cooking and baking made my life easy.. very easy…

I still remember my school days where I realized the passion for the food and creativity. I used to have a subject called Home-science where we could experiment, create, learn new recipes/food and sometimes we used to make special food/snacks for the guests who came to meet the principal of the school. It was a part of the training in order to learn , taste, basics of cooking and benefits of food ingredients.

Hence I always wanted to write a food blog and own a website where I could showcase the creativity of food, me being a vegetarian.Now am thinking to start it from the “scratch” and keep sharing good recipes. I have been lucky to get exposure to different cusines even though I come from India. There is an advantage of  being a vegetarian,options are unlimited especially when you love food and not hesitant to try new food/ recipes.It’s all about being open minded.

This is very exciting for me – Sharing the knowledge of food is always helpful for the friends and the families. There have been many times that they have liked the food I had prepared.They have always asked for the recipes. This is also a good way for me to share the recipes.

Keep following it!!

The journey has just begun….
With Love and happy cooking
Monika/ Splashofflavours

Established Year 2015 , August